Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whispering Pines Workshop

I just returned from a delightful 3 days with all these ladies from Indiana.  Some hooked the Halloween project, but most did the Turkey Pillow.  The best part is everyone made it their own.  I had the privilege of staying with Bev & Jim Stewart, in their beautiful old farm house.  Bev has amazing collections of new and old rugs, quilts and many handmades.  The photos to follow are her home, show and tell and the workshop.

An original Grenfell rug -
 More photos -

This is 18 year old Aubrey with her wonderful hooked, jointed bear.  It's her second hooked piece!  See it at Sauder - an amazing job!

A few more photos -

 A photo of Bev & I


  1. Gosh I wish I could have made the pillows and it looks like you guys had fun.