Thursday, September 25, 2014

From the Beach to the Farm

Life has been a whirlwind the last week or so. I spent a glorious week teaching at Rugs by the Sea in beautiful Cape May, flew home and set up to vend at a fiber show, at Young's Dairy in Yellowsprings, Oh. All was good, but what could be better than the beach and hooking rugs!
I will try and get my photos organized so they make sense.
I would highly recommend you put Cape May on your bucket list, it is so beautiful! Great students, good food, and all round good fun. Granted, I love the beach so to me it was perfect, and Norma and Linda have a great school. Hooking on the hotel porch, a rug show of teacher and students work, and then a show at the end of the week of what was going on in the classes.
So much talent!! Enjoy the pics!

(First photos from iPad) and 3306-3321
Charlafonte Hotel and classroom happenings

Rug show

More class happenings

A few shots around town

End of the week progress shots, sorry about the shadows.

Some of my students work.

Do you think we had a good time? Those crazy Canadian chicks!

These are just a couple pics from the fiber show, didn't have the opportunity (or the energy) to get out of booth to get many photos. There is a lot going on, fun for all ages, not to mention lots of tempting fibers. Next years show is Sept. 19-20.


  1. WOW thanks for all the eye candy. I am so jealous.

  2. Oh my, I'll need to go back through and look at all that eye candy again soon.