Friday, September 4, 2015

Sept 3rd Sea Joy
Was excited to see the article in RHM with all the exhibit pieces. Although many saw it at Sauder, my "story" did not get posted so thought I would share the entire thought process. I think this would be a interesting challenge for a group or guild to take on, using poetry or other art forms to create a hooked piece.

The story took many directions in my mind before I even started to create anything. After reading the poem, my first thought was how I might interpret the sea. Then it moved on to looking at it through the eyes of a 10yr. old girl and what she might collect while walking the beach. I started collecting fibers and ocean collectibles to use and came up with the final story.

" This young girl spent the summer at her grandmother's beach cottage collecting her treasures. Some of them her grandmother gave her, others she discovered herself while spending time on the beach.Years later she created this piece as a special remembrance of her time at the beach with her beloved grandmother."

The piece itself is done on my hand dyed linen, hooked with wool,velvet, hand spun yarns, silk ribbon, and hand dyed cheese cloth. I stitched the line from the poem along one edge of the linen using perle cotton. When finished with the hooking I laced it to the piece of wood and then began adding the collectibles, sea glass, chunks of driftwood, a small glass bottle filled with sand, a garland of shells I crocheted,and a small bag given by the grandmother.

Using and combining different fibers is not new for me, but I think this is the most free form piece I have ever done and I loved it! The challenge of creating something from a line in a poem was also new to me, but again I enjoyed the thought process and really do love the outcome.

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  1. Stunning...I have mulled the idea of combining my two passion of weaving and hooking. You have inspired me to give it a try.