Friday, January 29, 2010

Standing Wool Circles

Since my friend, Maria (Star Rug Co.) mentioned that I showed her how to make these circles and work them into her hooking, I've had several inquiries on how it's done. So I've put together a simple tutorial on how to.

To work it in with your hooking start with strips cut the width that you'll be hooking with. Simply roll up the strip to resemble a jelly roll.

Wind it up tightly. Two different colors work well together for a different look. Just lay them together and wind them up.

Once the circle is the size you want, thread a needle and sew the circle by going through it back and forth, like the spokes on a wheel. This secures the circle and keeps it from falling apart.

Next sew the circle in place directly onto your rug hooking backing.

Now simply do your hooking around the circle.

Next are a few photos where I've used this technique. Maria has used them as spots on her lamb and dog. It's just a fun way to add another texture to your hooking. If you try it, send me a photo and I'll share it for the others to see. Have fun!


  1. Thanks! Thank you for the call on Saturday, your kindness will be paid forward. I love what you did with the circles. In my next life I am coming back with your imagination. Again, Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOve that heart Alice. You are very creative indeed. Thanks for sharing with all your techniques! Maria

  3. Thanks for sharing, you make it look easy, and the look is great for so many things.

  4. Appreciate your help on this technique. I've been trying to explain it to a friend and this is so much better. Thanks

  5. How Awesome!!! thanks for posting the tip!

  6. muito grata,eu queria aprender e não sabia em qual lugar procurar

  7. Wonderful work and thank you for your generous tutorial.