Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Las Vegas

I just returned from a fantastic whirlwind trip to Vegas. I went to see my friend, Jan who is the one who got me started making jewelry. She beads with a great group of ladies, and convinced me to come out to take a workshop with Robin Howes. [http://www.robindudleyhowesblogspot.com/] I am so glad I went, because it was GREAT! It was my idea of the prefect trip, beads, ribbons, quilt shop, a little site seeing, and doing it all with friends both new and old.

This is a small part of Jan's wonderful studio, and the first necklace she made with Robin in Calif.

While there we visited this amazing ribbon store, http://www.ribbonstore.com/, I was so blown away by the reams of ribbon, both new and vintage. You must check it out.

Slots are everywhere, even in the grocery. Gives new meaning to gambling away the food off the table, who's idea was this??

Another stop was the Christmas Goose quilt shop, I'm excited that they have asked me to come back in the winter of 2011 to teach a wool workshop. I'll have more info. on this later once the date is set. They have a great selection of many different fabrics with lots of great samples.

Next was a visit to the National Redrock Park, breath taking.

Now for the main reason I went, the workshop at Bead Haven [http://www.beadhaven.com/] with Robin. This shop has more wonderful beads than I have ever seen in one place. VERY dangerous! I was able to do some major damage, it's a good thing I don't live there.

Here are a few photos of some of Robin's jewelry, I just love the mix.

Some of the pieces I got done to go on my necklace. I definitely got the bug and you will see more from me.

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