Friday, October 1, 2010

First 3 in 1 Creative Workshop

The concept behind this workshop was, 3 teachers (Nola, Karen & I) but one project. We each designed a fall theme mat, and all participants received all those designs to create their own design. How creative everyone was!

Mini workshops/lectures were shared throughout the 2 days, ladies brought show and tell, and the food was great (thanks, Marilyn)!

After reading the evaluations, we will do this again next year! A totally different approach to rug hooking that was creative and inspiring.
Before set up:

After set up:

Karen's Pillow -

Nola's Mat -

My mat -

Our "extra" pieces -

Show and Tell...

Works in progress....

Thursday night's extra project, Turkey bags -

Close up of Karen's hit and miss technique:

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  1. P.S. I'm especially intreigued with the turkey bags - did you use real gloves for that project? Or just fabric cut into the shape of a glove?