Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creative Blog Challenge

I love mixed media and had so much fun doing this month's challenge.  I've always mixed needlework techniques together, but this time added paper and glue.  Inspired by a couple of pieces Jenny Rupp did last year and what Maria has been doing.

I used an 8x10 canvas as my base, decoupaged paper and words, then glued on the hooked heart.  The hooked heart is a mixture of the sari ribbon and pink nylon we were given, then added wool and yarn to complete it.  I love the random look of this!  I used the beads we were given, strung them on wire, shaped them into a heart and glued them on the canvas.  The lace was coffee stained and glued to the outside edge of the canvas.  Then I wired the felted heart and hung it from the lace.

Without a doubt I will be doing more of this.  Now, looking forward to next installment of "stuff" for February 20th.  Stay tuned.

Be sure to check the other blogs to see their finished projects: Maria's, Alice's & Kris's


  1. Words seem to be a common thread for us! I'm at the finish line ~ crawling across! Had to take a break and come see how you used your offerings!!! Very creative!

  2. ahhhh! Sweet! I love the mixed media. Isn't it fun to do? Very clever way to use all the items.....especially, the lace.