Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wool Sisters - Alabama {May 20 - 23, 2011}

What a delightful time I had this weekend with the Wool Sisters in Alabama.  Not only a talented group, but so much fun, we laughed a lot.

I taught different techniques using a small kit, then we spent the remainder of the time incorporating those techniques (and more) into their own rugs.  I can honestly say I can't remember when I was surrounded by so much excitement and enthusiasm for what they were learning. 

As their teacher, I too was energized creatively, not to mention gaining a couple of pounds from all the marvelous food.  Thanks again ladies, for a great weekend!

Show and Tell -

Working on the Kit -

Works in progress with dimension -

One of the ladies shared these items from an estate sale where she purchased a box of wool, patterns and these photos of a Rug Retreat in Birmingham in 1961, along with the lady's journal from the weekend ~ what a find.


  1. What a wonderful retreat you were able to attend - I'm sure all the ladies enjoyed working on the project you taught - I think it would be so much fun to try all those different techniques! Thanks for sharing so many of the pictures with us.....

  2. many wonderful projects. I love the little mat project with the different techniques. I had to chuckle to myself about the mats with dimensions...I thought that I could say I'm making my loops uneven on purpose!~grin~ Really, though, each piece was a beautiful inspiration. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to see such talent!