Monday, November 5, 2012

Creative Workshop with Maria {Nov 2 - 3}

Maria (Star Rug Co.) and I taught together this weekend in Tipp City.  What fun!  Maria designed the patterns (sheep, snowman & a pumpkin) then she and I each did our version of the designs.  The ladies then got to choose which design to do, along with trying lots of techniques to get the result they wanted.  Being creative and trying new things was the idea behind the workshop.  Once you see the photos, you'll see everyone had great results.

These show Maria's and my versions of the designs:

Working Away -

Maria's samples and extra inspiration (forgot to take photos of mine)

Show and tell by the ladies attending, one of my favorite parts.  Lots of talent.

What was accomplished by the end of the workshop.  So much creativity, an all out great time!


  1. WOW loved all the eye candy... Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone was productive and had a ball.

  2. Really nice pieces and lots of creative changes and settings. I have yet to try a braid around a rug, but I do braid rugs.


  3. Loving the standing wool circles on the sheep! What a neat way to add texture to his coat!

  4. These projects look like so much fun !
    Wish I was there. ;)

  5. Lots of creativity! My friends loved the class!

  6. Do you know the name and designer of the rug pictured in photo number 3? It speaks to me.