Friday, June 28, 2013


I love it when students send me a photo of a piece we started together in a workshop.  Here's what Patty had to say about her rug:

"I took the Woolley Fox workshop from you in Ligonier, and began work on this Lucille Festa pattern, entitled "Minnie" then.  I'm sure you remember all the quillies I was making!  Thanks to you, I learned how to do some felting, and felted the kitties' eyes, nose, whiskers, and a few of the center circles in the exterior decorations.  I also cut the loops on the face of the kitty to help it stand out just a little from the body.  She turned out pretty cute, considering all the experimentation she underwent!

I soooo enjoyed your workshop, and look forward to taking some instruction from you some time in the not too distant future!"

Great job, Patty!!

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