Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blowing Glass

Last weekend some of the needle night girls and I stepped out of our hand work box and went to Cincinnati to the Brazee Street Studio to take a class. What fun! They have a wonderful studio, with lots of different classes going on, I loved the ones they do with kids. I have some shots from the studio, of us working away, and of course the finished product. It was great trying something new and different.


  1. Don’t you think playing with glass so much fun? Just remember glass isn’t as friendly as fabric (soft), unless you have a tendency to sew into your fingers or aren't watching where your rotary cutter is going… Do I have to be concerned with completion??? I’m glad you stepped out of your box. I will keep up with your progress. Practice, Practice, Practice L

  2. How fun to step outside your comfort zone and play in a new medium!