Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas JOY

I like to come up with an idea that can be personalized to suit the person making it. Although the directions for this project are given to do a "JOY" ornament, changing it up can be easily done. Instead of "JOY" add a name or date, or another word that has meaning to you. The trick is to hook the same number of rows of color forming the pattern, then it can be made as long as you need it to be.Needle felting the word on top of the hooking is quickly and simply done. Finish the ornament with a little holiday sparkle using glitter glue.

Wishing you and yours "JOY" for the holidays!

JOY for the Holidays

* Draw a 3.5" x 5.5" rectangle on rug hooking backing
* Hook 4 rows of red in a #8 cut, one row of green in a #8.5 cut, repeat 2 more times, finishing with 4 rows of red.
*Using natural roving, needle felt the word JOY on top of and into the rug hooking
* To finish, apply white glue at the edge of the rug hooking front and back, once it is dry, cut away the excess backing.
*Using white glue,cover the back of the hooked ornament and place it on top of a 4.5"x6.5" piece of black wool. Once it is dry, cut a zig- zag edge.
* Needle felt 2 green holly leaves, with a few red berries.
*Add the wire hanger, lacing it into the ornament on one side, thur the holly leaves, and out the other side of the ornament.
*For the finishing touch apply a little glitter glue on top of the lettering and the holly leaves and berries.

My idea of good entertaining is to keep things simple. Buying good things to share or making something with a few ingredients to keep make it easy. These little sausage balls are something my mom used to make and couldn't be easier with only 3 Ingredients. You can change it up by simply using different flavors of sausage or cheese. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you for the tutorial and recipe!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ali. I don't know how to hook but it looks like a great way to finish any piece of punchneedle or wool applique as well. Thanks!

  3. "Joy" suits me just fine -- very cute ornament/decoration! :)

  4. you can add an 8 ounce cream cheese to that- makes it so moist

  5. Thanks for the cute design & recipe ... trying to catch up on the hop ... yours is the first I've found that has some working blog links !!???