Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dec.1 Change of plans

Today I was to go with friends for an outing, but it was canceled. So, instead my friend Nan came over so I could help her finish her snowman that she wants to hang in her wreath on her front door. Thought I would turn it into a little tutorial to show how we went about it. This is a great way to finish small projects.
Here we go.

After the hooking is done, we trimmed away excess fabric, then took the iron to it. Steam the hooking and pressed the excess fabric to the back.

Then we cut a piece of wool to go on the back, folded the edges in, and used the binding clips to hold it all in place. Now the backing is whipped stitched in place.

Once the backing is sewn on, we added the scarf, needle felted a hat and felted it in place. The twigs were poked between the layers, a hanging loop added to the back, and he's ready for the holidays!